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What I enjoyed the most about the film was Dheepa Ramanujam's performance. She teaches Rajasekhar the value of human interactions and provides some fascinating insights about how âgenderâ is seen. (I'm not going to say what it is.) In Tamil film, such lovable non-melodramatic mother figures are uncommon. Certain sections maintain your interest, at least in the early stages. Sivappu Manjal Pachai gradually loses its lightheartedness in favor of classic emotional clichés. Sasi attempts but fails to fine-tune his trade in response to changing times.

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According to India Today, "after the huge success of Pichaikkaran, Sasi delivers a mediocre family (melo)drama that also attempts to be an action picture."

[10] Sify penned "Sasi's approach is traditional, and the melodrama is rather intense, especially during the lengthy climactic scene. However, the picture may appeal to a family audience in Tennessee. You know what to anticipate from a picture of this caliber, and one must confess that it lives up to expectations." [11] The Hindustan Times said "Sasi, who returns to directing three years after the critically acclaimed Pichaikkaran, delivers a well-intentioned family drama in Sivappu Manjal Pachai. However, the picture can seem bloated at times owing to an excess of dramatization. It's one of those real efforts that may have benefited from less melodrama in order to make a larger effect "'. [12] [edit] Box office

Synopsis of the film Sivappu Manjal Pachai: A street racer and a traffic officer become in-laws. Can they accept one another in light of their prior antagonistic history? Review of the film Sivappu Manjal Pachai: Chalk and cheese are the heroes in Sasi's Sivappu Manjal Pachai. Madhan (GV Prakash Kumar) is a street racer, while Rajasekar (Siddharth) is a police officer. And they are set to become lawful brothers when an alliance is formed between Rajasekar and Madhan's sister, Rajalakshmi nicknamed Raji (Lijomol Jose). And, having grown up without their parents since their youth, Madhan and Raji are inextricably linked. To further complicate things, Rajasekar and Madhan have a history – the officer previously humiliated the racer. Can these two diametrically opposed personalities find common cause in such a scenario?

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