Snake Plant Grass In Planter

Snake plant is a tropical plant that will perish if temperatures continuously fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or if it is exposed to winter frost. Bring the plant indoors before the temps fall to that level. Maintain a warm, draft-free environment for the snake plant and keep the soil on the drier side. Snake plants undergo dormancy and cease growth throughout the winter. You will only need to water the plant every six weeks or so throughout the winter. Frequently Encountered Pests

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Q. I have six citrus trees that are four years old and have just completed blossoming. They seem to set significantly more fruit than they can sustain. Is it necessary to thin the fruit? A. I understand how the sight of an overabundance of little fruits covering a small tree might distress a gardener, but citrus fruit is seldom essential to thin.

The majority of our plants are potted, making them ideal for transplanting into a larger ornamental plant pot or flower box. If you like fresh vegetables and herbs, why not grow them in your own kitchen using one of our growing kits? Don't forget to bring your watering can! And if caring for plants is not your forte, we provide convincing fake plants for every room in your house.

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