Spy Kids Amusement Park Ride

Knott's Berry Farm has been attracting visitors from all over the world for almost a century. What began as a tiny family farm quickly became a world-renowned attraction due to Mrs. Knott's iconic fried chicken dinners, boysenberries, and an Old West Ghost Town. Since then, the once-small family farm has expanded to 160 acres of family enjoyment. At Knott's Berry Farm, the good times never end! With dozens of rides, shows, and attractions spread throughout four themed sections, Knott's has something for everyone. Splash down the Timber Mountain Log Ride, which has been enhanced with new scenarios, thrills, and visual effects. The newly constructed Boardwalk section has rides and activities suitable for the whole family. Stroll around the streets of the Old West Ghost Town® and meet its many citizens รข but keep an eye out for bandits! Camp Snoopy, home of the PEANUTS Gang, will round off your day with pint-sized activities set against the backdrop of the high sierra.

The Go-Kart is a famous feature in many amusement parks and is undoubtedly one of our most popular attractions. You may pick between a one- or two-seater Go-Kart capable of reaching a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Our Go-Kart is suitable for indoor and outdoor courses and is capable of running on asphalt, concrete, and other flat surfaces. Bumper Car: Many amusement park tourists seek for the bumper car attraction first, since a visit to the park would be incomplete without experiencing at least one or two rides! Eurogames was the first producer of battery-powered bumper cars in Europe, so you can anticipate safety, quality, and advanced features throughout the years. There are single-seater Mini Bumper Cars for children aged 8-10 and a more powerful Bumper Car for teenagers and adults.

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Spy Kids 2: The Lost Dreams Island

Alexandra, the President of the United States's daughter, was visiting the park one day and wanted to ride the park's newest attraction, the Juggler. However, she sabotaged the ride by snatching the override key, causing it to get stuck immediately after she boarded. Carmen and Juni, as well as Gerti and Gary Giggles, were at the park at the time and were summoned to assist Alexandra when she became trapped on the ride. Juni disclosed to him, as he rose to assist her, that she had stolen the Prototype Transmooker from her father's office. Alexandra was apprehended by the Giggles Spy Kids for stealing the gadget.

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