String Of Bananas Plant Uk

We'd venture to say that almost all succulents qualify for some measure of radness, but with this plant, we mean it completely: Senecio radicans. In terms of botanical names, it is a very raâerâcool one. This South African native is frequently referred to as the string of bananas due to its resemblance to string after string of green bananas. It's amazing how nicely a popular name can work.

Ensure that it does not get any bright, direct sunlight, or it will quickly burn.

If you receive a lot of rain throughout the summer, you may want to consider protecting yours. A screened porch or covered patio will suffice. If a String Of Bananas becomes too wet and does not dry out, it may rot, turning the stems and bananas (the leaves) to mush.

If you want to bring a banana leaf plant (or two) into your house, follow these must-know instructions from The Joy of Plants' plant specialists.

1. When purchasing a banana plant, consider the size of the pot, the plant's height, and the number of plants per pot. Because banana leaves are delicate â they are thin and readily shred â they must be sleeved to avoid leaf damage and cold damage.

Senecio radicans syn. Radicans Curio Term Usage Banana string Succulent Plant Height 36 Inches Sun Exposure Sun in its entirety Soil Type Supple, well-draining soil pH of the soil 6.6-7.5 Bloom Time Colors of Spring Flowers White, pale pink Area of Origin South Africa Toxicity Toxic to both people and animals Krystal Slagle's The Spruce

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