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This blueberry French toast is an incredible way to spend a Sunday. You may construct it a day or two ahead of time and chill it in the refrigerator. It really performs better since the creamy sauce and delicious blueberries have time to penetrate the bread completely. Tangy lemon curd infuses this coconut milk-soaked French toast with a burst of flavor. Finish with toasted coconut and a sprinkling of sugar for a breakfast that's out of this world.

Because thick French toast is cooked with extra-thick bread, it is critical that the custard be completely absorbed into the bread; otherwise, the slices would be dry in the middle. Due to the extra-thick bread, the cooking process is completed in the oven to guarantee that the custard is completely cooked.

There are a plenty of ways to eat these pancakes. Serving with maple syrup or ice cream and a handful of fresh fruit is my favorite. Every brunch table should include a platter of light and fluffy muffins, and these blueberry delights are ideal. They are brimming with berry flavor since they are made using fresh blueberries.

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