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Plath and Hughes spent a few months in Ireland after their encounter with Assia. Hughes fled to London on the fourth day to meet Wevill, with whom he proceeded on a ten-day vacation across Spain, the same country where Plath and Hughes honeymooned. When he returned home, the marriage fell apart when he refused to cease his romance with Wevill. Hughes and Plath divorced in July 1962. Plath tried suicide multiple times before and after.

Sylvia Plath, 30, committed suicide in 1963 by laying her head on a folded towel inside an oven and turning on the gas. Plath became a feminist figure posthumously. Numerous memoirs and biographies said that her death was triggered by her macho husband Ted Hughes, Britain's current poet laureate. Hughes maintained a determined quiet regarding Plath's death for 35 years. Last month, he released Birthday Lettersâan autobiographical collection of 88 poems written over a 25-year period. Hughes' allies expected that the book would clear him of all charges and quiet his enemies. However, the discussion continues to be as fierce as ever. What is the prosecution's case against Hughes? How have Hughes' detractors and supporters abused Birthday Letters? Advertisement

As a biographer, I see this pernicious tendency in myself to know everything, to peep through every keyhole and listen every squirmy pillow conversation. I approach real crime literature with the same callous attitude. Not only are our motivations for reading biography terrible, but according to Janet Malcolm, we cannot trust what we read. There is the epistemic uncertainty that haunts the reader of biography and autobiography (as well as history and journalism). We nearly never get the truth about what occurred in a piece of nonfiction.

Nicholas Hughes, the son of poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, committed himself on 16 March 2009, 46 years after his mother and almost 40 years after his stepmother, Assia Wevill, committed herself. He was 47 years old at the time. Frieda Hughes, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes's daughter, is still alive.

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