Ted Lasso Believe Sign Wallpaper

It was a major principle of Ted's, and he was well-known for railing fiercely against individuals who lacked trust in his team. This was arguably best shown when Nate, recently appointed assistant coach, told Ted that he did not believe they could beat Manchester City. Ted wandered his home, irritated to the point of near-anger, until he produced a smaller "Believe" poster from his bathroom, demonstrating to Nate and Coach Beard that believing was so vital that it followed him to the bathroom. Finally, it was revealed that the billboard was a distillation of a bigger slogan Ted brought back from America â "Do you believe in miracles?" â something that plainly pertained to the Greyhounds' underappreciation.

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In the season 2 finale, when the squad is down 2-0 and already at halftime, they are fearful that their hopes of promotion are over. They are attempting Nate's move and eventually determine that they can win if they continue to attempt. Ted turns at Isaac as they all put their hands in and asks if he would join them, but Isaac goes past everyone's hands, up to the âBelieveâ sign, and places his hand on it, spurring the whole team to join in. It was heartwarming and motivating, and then Nate had to destroy it. Ted Lasso confirmed to us all last week that Nate is a true evil. He informed the world about Ted's panic episode and then appeared to do nothing wrong this week until Ted eventually asked him what he did to earn Ted's wrath. What is the matter? Nate felt like the most important person in the world to Ted and then abandoned him, turning his back on him and betraying him.

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