Thanos Snap Easter Egg Removed

With the release of the MCU's most anticipated film in a decade, Avengers: Endgame, Google started allowing users of its search engine a simple query for Thanos, the fictitious supervillain who snatched away half the universe in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War. Google started putting out a pretty intricate Easter Egg on Wednesday, officially dubbed âThe Decimationâ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When you search for âThanos,â the Infinity Gauntlet appears in lieu of the Share button on the supervillain's Knowledge Graph card on the right sidebar of the search result page.

The program is completely safe to use, since it is not designed to save your photographs. Privacy is protected since the whole picture editing process occurs inside the confines of your browser window. The only serious shortcoming of this application is its inability to resize photos. The final download, however, is identical to the original. Do you know of any more similar items that might be of interest to an Avenger fan?

Thus, it's clever that Google is referring to Endgame, which is unquestionably the most consumed piece of pop culture at the moment; it's the grand end to a grand plot that one of the world's largest film companies has developed over a grand, lengthy decade. However, Thanos' disappearing search result snap serves as additional precaution against the spoilers that devotees dread. The Thanos Easter egg is mostly a preventive measure; Google should probably also make a point of seeing Endgame as soon as possible if it is so fearful of learning what occurs.

So how can you locate this fantastic Easter Egg? Consider the following: As you can see, typing Thanos into Google Search brings up the knowledge panel on the left. You'll see a miniature version of the gold Infinity gauntlet. That is the link you need to visit in order to trigger the Thanos Easter Egg!

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