The Beatles Butcher Cover Poster

We were strolling along in our wool sweaters and pullovers, looking at tie-dye shirts, beads, leather goods, and other normal market products, when Neil pulled my shirt in the direction of an old, rusty root beer colored van with the rear doors open to a tarp. Neil came to UO from Long Beach, California, where he worked as a pirate radio operator and at the Record Orchard, a local record shop. He was an avid record collector, and something had piqued his interest enough to lure us over to the van. He climbed inside the vehicle and looked to the frail, elderly guy with long gray hair and a beard sitting outside in a lawn chair, making a natural tobacco cigarette (or so we thought). Neil inquired, âIs it a copy of the original Black Sabbath record?â

Whitaker photographed the band when they were clutching sausages. George Harrison's head was encased in a cage. George swung a hammer over John Lennon's head and pressed six huge nails on his temple. Whitaker also had the band perform with shattered dolls. The Beatles were then dressed in smocks and surrounded by raw flesh.

To determine if you have one of the very rare 1st State covers or a Good Peel, please visit this page:

The following is an excerpt:

"Prior to shrink wrapping, all Second State editions of the Butcher cover were cut. Due to this cutting, which was done to solve alignment concerns on the cover's right side, or mouth, a Second State Butcher cover will be somewhat narrower than a First State cover. Those for the First State will be about 1/8 inch wider than covers for the Second State. If you don't have a First State cover to compare, which few of us have, you may also compare the cover in question to other Beatles albums from the same era. At the present, we have a 12 1/4-inch-wide Second State cover on hand. In contrast, a copy of The Beatles Second Album that we have on the shelf is around 12 3/8â across."

To date, no further mono Butcher covers from Canada have been discovered, and no full stereo covers are known to exist. From the day of release, all copies distributed to retailers used the trunk cover picture; no Canadian Second State copies exist. Yesterday and Today was not published in Japan until 1970. All copies made in that nation included the trunk cover artwork.

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