The Color Purple Celie's Father

A white guy who is arrogant and power-hungry. He imprisons Sofia for being impolite to his wife and for knocking him down. Miz MillieMiss Millie is the mayor's wife. She is a neurotic white lady who forced Sofia to work as her personal attendant for many years after her release from jail. She conceals Sofia's whereabouts from her relatives. Billy

Suzie Q (Jolentha) is Mary Agnes and Harpo's daughter, who Sofia looks for while her mother pursues her singing career.

Sofia's youngest child, Henrietta, was most likely fathered by Henry Broadnax. She is constantly portrayed as rude, troublesome, or turbulent, although she earns the special devotion of Albert and Harpo, who adopts her as his own after he and Sofia reconcile. Her irritability might be a result of the significant blood illness she has (probably sickle cell anaemia, although it is not named). The disease is cured by eating a lot of yams, which Henrietta despises, and both Eleanor Jane and Albert prepare foods for her that she can eat.

Alice Walker's book The Color Purple was released in 1982. It earned the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The Color Purple, a feminist novel about a mistreated and ignorant African American woman's battle for empowerment, was lauded for the complexity of its female characters and its poetic use of Black English Vernacular. Summary

Shug, on the other hand, adores Celie. Celie comes to see her own self-worth as a result of Shug's love, which strengthens her capacity to love others. By the novel's conclusion, Celie has fallen in love with more people than ever beforeĆ¢and she isn't even upset with Mr.___. Celie's progress is seen when Nettie arrives home and Celie addresses Albert (Mr.__) and Shug as "her folks." If that isn't love, we're not sure what is. Celie reflects the human spirit's strength and the capacity for forgiveness. We see her transformation from a wounded, battered woman to a strong, self-sufficient, and caring human. Therefore, the next time you're having a horrible day, pause and consider what Celie might do.

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