The Force Is Strong With This One Scene

The strong interaction is mediated through the interchange of massless particles called gluons. These gluons interact with quarks, antiquarks, and other gluons. It is believed that gluons interact with quarks and other gluons through a sort of charge known as color charge. Color charge is similar to electromagnetic charge, but it comes in three varieties (red, green, and blue), resulting in a distinct form of force with distinct laws of behavior. These laws are specified in quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the theory of quarkâgluon interactions. History [adjust]

When viewed through the lens of pure pattern recognition, we can see that the DAX is still in the process of potentially carving out the âhead-and-shouldersâ pattern I highlighted last week; however, end-of-year dollar momentum may continue to weigh on the Euro, providing a tailwind for the DAX to march higher.

Daily DAX 30 Index: August - Present

A little token of appreciation to the Chateau for hosting the session!

It's encouraging to see the PTB back down on vaccination requirements, and let's hope it's for good this time. We owe this to Canadian truckers and inhabitants of the United Kingdom, as well as to Putin. However, if the covid narrative is any indication, I would not be shocked if the elite begin ratcheting up the ante in response to the Ukraine issue. As I listen to politicians argue that we must pay a higher energy price for our safety, I am concerned that they will exploit the situation to justify even more draconian laws and turmoil of their own design, blaming Putin for everything from high prices and food shortages to financial control. Indeed, Italy said only a few days ago that it would prolong the state of emergency until the end of the year in response to the Ukraine crisis. What does this have to do with the country's current covid emergency?

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