The Guardian Legend Nes Rom

The Guardian Legend[note 1] is a 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System hybrid action-adventure/shoot 'em up video game created by Compile (NES). It is the sequel to the 1986 MSX game Guardic, and was produced and distributed by Irem in Japan in 1988, Broderbund in North America in 1989, and Nintendo in Europe in 1990. It borrows gameplay mechanics from The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and 1942. The player takes control of the Guardian, a lone protagonist on a journey to eliminate a massive alien-infested world called Naju before it reaches the planet Earth. The player must disable 10 safety devices placed around Naju in order to initiate the alien world's self-destruct procedure. The player explores Naju in a non-linear way and has the option of acquiring various weapons during the game.

Guardian Legend, the Nintendo ROM download is now available. This game is available only via EmulatorGames.net in the United States of America. Guardian Legend, The ROM may be downloaded and used using an emulator. Play NES games online in high definition on your desktop PC, mobile device, or tablet. If you love this free ROM download on Emulator Games, you may also enjoy Pokemon Ranger - Guardian Signs and Altered Beast - Guardian Of The Realms.

Guardian Legend, The (United States of America).nes The Guardian Legend (U) [!]. nes You'll know whether your accomplishments appear concurrently with the loading of the rom...if they do, it indicates you'll need extra requirements, not just one (referencing what Salsa pointed out) "Fetch newest" works only after the rom has been loaded, which means you would need to restart the emulator... 107 times seen

Guardian Legend, The is a highly rated and popular game among Nintendo enthusiasts, with a 4.3 rating. This game was launched in the United States of America and quickly gained popularity in the Action, Adventure, and Shooter genres. For many of us, Guardian Legend has become a relic of our youth, and this, like many other Nintendo games, brings back carefree memories of late-night gaming sessions. While you can download Guardian Legend for free on your PC or mobile device, they can be readily bought online reasonably inexpensively on Amazon or other online retailers to have the complete Nintendo experience of having the console or controller in your hands and playing with friends or family.

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