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Morning Brew is read by over 3 million people; you should as well. Loading Something is currently loading. Electronic mail address By selecting âSign up,â you agree to receive marketing communications from Insider and other partner offers, as well as to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Nick Smith, who manages the massively popular @smithyfamily family TikTok account, has spoken out about the fire that destroyed his house and cars earlier this week.

Nick started updating his TikTok fans shortly after the incident, initially informing them that his family had all survived the fire unhurt.

"We all made it out of the home safely, and the children are alright. Teddy is OK, as are Jack and Amy. Jess and I are fine. The dogs are in good health. The home is not in good condition. The children are safe, Jess is safe "'He said.

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What is Jack Ma's background?

Jack Ma is a Chinese businessman, philanthropist, and investor. Once a poor youngster who made ends meet by guiding tourists, Jack rose beyond his modest origins and achieved success. He began by honing his communication abilities and even picked up some English. Jack was one of the first few persons to see the Internet as a commercial potential, even when the majority of the world did not. After investing only $20,000 in his first enterprise, the entrepreneur earned over $800,000 in less than three years. He rose to worldwide prominence in the late 1990s when he created the e-commerce business âAlibaba. The money produced by the corporation aided in his ascension to the pinnacle of success and elevated him to the status of China's wealthiest man. He even co-founded other enterprises of a similar kind that were also very successful; one of them was an e-commerce website called âTaobao.â Jack has received several honors. He has also been featured in a number of prestigious periodicals, including Forbes and Time.

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