The Teacher From My Hero Academia

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Midoriya Izuku is the protagonist of Boku No Hero Academia. The boy is a perfectly typical child. However, he aspires to be a superhero. He lives in a planet populated by individuals endowed with amazing powers. These Abilities are referred to as Quirks. Midoriya Izuku is not endowed with such peculiarities. However, a single occurrence has a profound effect on his life. Midoriya met the Almighty, the world's strongest hero, one day by fate and a fearless heart. The veteran took a like to the young man. And he disclosed to him his genuine identity. Additionally, he offered him a present of his own. However, this talent has the potential to devastate an unprepared man. That is why My Hero Academia is on the lookout for our hero.

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Midoriya Izuku desired to be a pro hero since he was a youngster and heard the all-too-familiar words âI am here.â Never in his wildest dreams did he believe his boyhood goal would ever come true. Being able to help and defend others fulfilled all of his dreams.

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Aizawa's perspective (Y/N): As you can see. We appreciate your efforts in restoring her trust, Aizawa-kun. Me: To be honest, it was mostly Todoroki's work. I just advised him to consider what others had to say. I said as I prepared coffee. I was on the phone with (Y/N). By the way, where are you at the moment? Langkawi, Malaysia (Y/N). Following that, we'll go to Australia. I see. I sat on my couch after finishing the coffee. (Y/N): What are your plans for tomorrow? Me: What's the deal with that abrupt inquiry? (Y/N): Come on, now. I was only concerned about my senpai. Me: Who cares. I believe I'm going to pay a visit to the publishing business Yae discovered in order to get some books. (Y/N): As you can see. I'm afraid I'm going to have to go now. I'll see you later. Me: I hope we don't see each other again. I hung up. "How are you, senpai? What are your thoughts about me?" "Annoying. And I will not retract that statement." "Oh, come on!" I grinned. It seems as if that bothersome man has developed into the person I'm most frightened to lose. Me: All right, now is the time to complete this papers. Continued...

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