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Cremation Murder: You may burn the physician inside the crematorium. Murderous Mannequin: The monsters at the hospital (made out of mannequin limbs and human body parts) are totally benign while the lights are turned on, but will begin pursuing Mono as the lights are turned off. The only way to temporarily halt them is for Mono to shine his flashlight on them or to switch on a light if there is one in the room.

A Look - LN2 Evaluation


What Tarsier studios are capable of is incredible. Apart from dark deception, the small nightmares franchise is my favorite game series of all time! 2ND EDITION OF LITTLE NIGHTMARES The surprises are excellent, however the story is a touch too simple. I've kept up with things to the point that I can easily zip through them. The opponent run speeds could be increased somewhat, particularly those of the physicians, and the boss bouts are much too simple. I propose that you make the boss fights a bit more difficult in the future game. I believe the Janitors is a nice degree of difficulty, since it requires some mastery, as does the lady's. In the Hunters boss battle, all you have to do is take the rifle. Perhaps need him to be shot a couple of times? That would be cooler, and I believe the escapes are perhaps a bit too simple! I believe that the instructors' escape vent should be extended, but I adore the game in general. The music is fantastic, and the idea that it is most likely a precursor is awesome!


For the first time, the Teacher is seen. However, it is only a silhouette of her. By stretching her neck, the Teacher searches a room. In her classroom, the teacher is punishing one of the Bullies. The Teacher is on the beams searching for Mono. The Teacher arching her neck in an attempt to seize Mono. Mono is being sought by the Teacher at the library. Exiting the school library, the teacher. A frog is being stuffed into the frog jar by the Teacher. The Teacher in the laboratory of the School. At her keyboard, the Teacher. Mono being pursued by the Teacher in the vents. The Teacher is on the lookout for Mono and Six amid the Pale City's dreary streets.

Continue straight through the bar with its suits and vacant chairs till Six calls you to take a leg up. Engage her in conversation and then leap through the open window. You'll then see a rope tied to televisions and nothing else. Jump onto the broken television without a screen, then leap to the left and grasp the rope. Swing back and forth a few times more until you begin kicking the television to the left. You will then be catapulted up to the next level after it is dumped over the edge. To the left, swing and then leap onto the ledge. Proceed to the left through the open doorway and then shove the television to the side, flinging Six to the floor above you. Retrace your steps back through the entryway and take a right all the way up the stairs, where Six will await you across a gap. Jump the distance and then take her hand in yours to continue.

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