Thick Thighs Save Lives Priscilla Block Lyrics

How did she describe her song? Are you curious in what she has to say about her songs? Needless to say, she is a true advocate for women and a true hero for those women who are afraid to exhibit their bodies due to their weight. She revealed her views and opinions in an interview, stating:

Evergreen ship had difficulties in ports worldwide. Why? Why did Special Operations US Navy Seals appear out of nowhere to save the children? Was the ship deliberately grounded? It was reported that security flaws in Microsoft software enabled someone, or a group of people, to hack into the Evergreen ship's software, seize control, and direct it straight into the bank. We may never know the whole tale. Capitan of the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal has so far refused to cooperate. Now, unless there are compelling reasons, why would a ship's captain refuse to cooperate? Will not turn over the black box?

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