Tom Gramenz Das Haus Anubis

Date of publication Title Pages of Translation December 4, 2009 The ancient Weide's secret club The old pasture's hidden society 336 April 20, 2010 The Mysteries of the Grabmals The tomb's mystery 336 6 October 2010 The Great Fan Book The colossal fan book 48 - November 18, 2010 The Mysterious Fluch 336 The enigmatical curse 29 April 2011 Die Exerwhlte The one selected 336Awards

Luzy is always perplexed. Not only will she be repressed and her friends from the club spied on, but she also has a really unsettling encounter at school. Im Keller geht es um Leben und Tod für Felix, Nina, Daniel, und Delia. Felix was blinded when entering the secret passage and is unable to see anything. Thus, the Pr14fung becomes even more fhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr A wrong step and a Felsblock bring the club to a halt. (Text courtesy of Nickelodeon)


Nina, the newcomer to the Internat, isn't quite at ease on her first day at the House of Anubis. While the others are still in school, the unfriendly housekeeper Victor shows her her new home. What they did not know: Ihr Zimmer was formerly occupied by Linn, Mitsch14lerin Luzy's closest friend. And it has vanished completely. The first meeting with the other party does not turn out to be very cordial. Luzy, who is consumed with concern for her friend Linn, would do everything to bring the imprisoned Nina back to life...

Victor is pursuing Raven, Felix, and Delia under a bush in the graveyard. Daniel is distraught and drives to the ropes as Felix and Delia inform him of the next incident. Luzy, on the other hand, receives love notes and love poetry. They speculated that Kaya was the author of her letters and poetry. Charlotte then feels envious of Kaya, who is likable. Mara was perplexed when Magnus failed to attend Mr. Radu's classroom. Mr. Radu's actions resulted in a lengthy discussion with Magnus in the school. Mr. Radu Magnus is well knowledgeable about his family history. He offers his assistance upon Magnus's return, which was not yet known. Daniel visited his uncle in the hospital to learn more about the seeds of the blue lotus flower and is convinced that his uncle is aware of them. When Charlotte discovers that Max is Luzy's admirer, they will work together to bring both of them pleasure. Max and Charlotte devise a scheme to demonstrate to Luzy that Kaya is not the ideal fit for them. When Luzy agrees with Kaya but denies this.

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