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âChange will not occur if we wait for a different person or a different moment. We are the ones we have been anticipating. We are the agents of change. ” â Barack Obama âChaos precedes all major transformations. ” â â â â â â â â â â âChange is not pleasant, but it is inevitable. Only through change and growth will we be able to glimpse a world we have never known. ” Lessons From The Orange's Wisdom Woodpecker âYou cannot control what happens to you, but you can manage your attitude toward what occurs to you, and in doing so, you will master change rather than succumb to it. ” Sri Ram âYour life does not improve by happenstance; it improves through change. ” — Mr. Jim Rohn Truth & Honesty Quotes

We've compiled a nice selection of Happy Tuesday Quotes for you. Tuesday is the second day of the week after Monday. Numerous workers and students despise or are uninterested in working on Tuesdays. You may motivate them by emailing them motivational Tuesday quotes. These encouraging remarks inspire people to work harder and complete their assignments on time. Life is much too brief to wake up filled with regrets. Therefore, cherish those who treat you well. Ignore or disregard those who do not treat you well. Consider that everything occurs for a purpose. If you are given another opportunity, seize it with both hands. Allow it to alter your life if it does. Nobody claimed that life would be easy; they just promised that it would be worthwhile.

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