Tricia Cast Young And The Restless

That is absolutely accurate. In real life, you remark to yourself, âI would have said that if I had thought of it.â The writing was fantastic, rich, enjoyable, and appropriate to the feelings expressed by the characters. It was a method of exorcism. Thus, you departed from the program in 2001. Were you bored of working after beginning as a kid actor?

The cast is scheduled to appear on the CBS late-night show in early November. Additionally, she will return during the week of Nov. 30 to assist Y&R in commemorating its 12,000th episode. (Wow!) It's been a long since fans of Young and the Restless saw their favorite Nina. She last appeared on the program in 2013 during the memorial ceremony for Katherine Chancellor.

Tricia Cast, 26, says she wants to continue on The Young and the Restless because "we make a fantastic family" and also because she met her husband, Jack Allocco, who is seventeen years her senior and is the composer and music director for The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. They have been married since June 15, 1989, and share a sprawling Beverly Hills mansion with their two cats, Blothar and Ivan. They aim to become parents soon. "My family consisted of seven members, and I want to have two children."

Cast returned to Y&R some years later, when Nina was not only reunited with her firstborn, Ronan (Jeff Branson), but also went on an emotional roller coaster when she discovered Phillip had faked his death in order to live freely as a homosexual man in Australia.

While these two plots may have kept Cast around for an extended period of time, they concluded quite fast by soap opera standards. Phillip returned to Australia, while Ronan departed town. Paul's (Doug Davidson) affair with Nina ended when he discovered he still loved her best friend Christine.

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