Tuesday Motivation Quotes For Women

27. âStop being fearful of what may go wrong and begin to be optimistic about what might go right.â Unknown 28. âDo not give up yet; even the darkest periods can have the most beautiful silver linings. You must maintain your strength, keep your head up, and be positive. Unknown

âThe power you possess is to be the finest version of yourself possible in order to contribute to the creation of a better world.â Ashley Rickards

Being the best version of yourself requires work and a conscious effort. You never really know who your best self is unless you attempt to become it. You'll learn that as you focus on improving yourself, you'll discover new ways to improve, and the process will become a continuous one. Likewise, the converse is true, and should be avoided. If you let yourself to slip, you will discover new ways to slide and become a version of yourself you never desired.

Women bring each and every small life into the world, yet they are praised by everyone. You need to understand that you are unique and that no one else can accomplish what you can. Happy International Women's Day! You are someone I will always cherish, and believe me when I say that if there ever is a struggle between you and I as woman and man, you have already won it because you own it, girl. Happy International Women's Day!

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