Undefeated Superhero Game Xbox One

On the ground, pressing the jump button causes you to leap (duh). It switches to flying mode in mid-air. When in speed mode, leaping allows for very long jumps, and switching to flight mode immediately switches to speed flight mode, not conventional hover flying mode. While airborne, you fly in the direction of your gaze, thus camera orientation has an effect on movement, however you can adjust your height in flight with the fly up/down controls. X/square/left click for melee.

You are free to explore the city in this game. You can take in the breathtaking landscape from a vantage point well above the rest of the city. Congratulations, you're having a blast living as a superhero. UNDEFEATED is now available on Steam. The game is around 2GB in size and may take up to 20 minutes to download. Take it and enjoy the new sensation. After all, it is a free game. Who does not appreciate freeware?


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It's not a really challenging game; you can complete it in under an hour. However, it is the sheer delight of high-speed flight and the thrills of superpowers that contribute to Undefeat's enjoyment. You may choose between two challenges: Destruction Challenge, in which the objective is to destroy all objects, or Flight Challenge, in which the objective is to reach the destination within a certain time limit. Additionally, there is a boss encounter high in the air.

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