Unfall AHeute Richtung Rostock

The 74-Jhrigen's vehicle overturned, rissing also the Hhenbegrenzung and remaining on the single road for the remainder of the journey. The renter had serious injuries while being extricated from the autowrack. However, the holes in the Fahrbahneinengungen are so numerous that it will need the assistance of Fremdfirms of the Autobahnmeisterei to close them. Only 30 hours kilometers should be driven over the Br14cke. The whole route to Rostock will be diverted through Rbel.


Wismar (mv/dpa) - The A 20 between Wismar and Bobitz has been closed in both directions since Tuesday afternoon due to an accident involving a Lkw. According to preliminary findings, a Sattelzug veered sharply to the right off the highway and was snared in the attempt by the driver to steer clear of the median barrier, as the Polizeiinspektion Wismar reported. As a result, the Lastwagen was prattled against an impending Sattelzug. Nobody was seriously injured in the incident, and more details about the incident, including the nature of the crime, are unknown at this time, hie says. While the Autobahn in the direction of Rostock was closed, the traffic in the direction of L14beck continued twospurig at a reduced speed, according to reports.

Something unique awaits you at the Kunsthalle Rostock, which you can reach in f14nf minutes from the city harbor through the Hamburger Strae 40 at the Schwanenteichpark. Here you can discover a selection of the few modern art collections in East Germany, as well as current exhibitions of contemporary art. Following this wealth of history and art, you may go around eight kilometers north, beyond the crossing points, to the magnificent Ostseestrnde of Warnem14nde. Interessant ist das auf dem Schiff Frieden befindliche Schifffahrtsmuseum, which is located 40 kilometers away in Schmarl Dorf. Numerous art galleries and restaurants are located in the heart of Warnemünde's Seebad. At the coast, 15 kilometers of sand provide something for everyone. Whether you're looking for tranquillity on the outskirts or action, white sand and culinary experiences, or children's entertainment, these beaches provide everything you might want from a beach vacation. Particularly on weekends, the beach areas here flourish. Along the beach, at the cruise port, and even in the yacht port, there are still plenty of parking spaces and bays for rental cars.

Since November 1, Austria has a statutorily mandated Winterreifenpflicht. Vehicles should be equipped with the appropriate tires as soon as possible. The law stipulates that from 1. November to 15. April of the following year, the vehicle may be operated only on winter-related highways, such as snow-, ice-, or snow-matsch-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice-, or ice What is very important to keep in mind

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