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XXL-Dekollete, seductive Schlitz am Minikleid und aufregende Overknees: Victoria Swarovski sorgte mit ihrem Outfit in einer zweiten Show von "Let's Dance" erneut für einen wahren Hingucker. However, the Moderatorin's youthful appearance does not appeal to many dance fans... How Vici discovers the dream in Lila yet finds it rather practical, she explains in the video.

Updated at 20.40 p.m.: The third live performance of âLet's Dance 2019â is underway. And now, the first Motzereien von Joachim Llambi are available. When he evaluates Thomas Rath's performance, he finds himself interrupted by Motsi Mabuse. Llambi's stance against his Jury-Kollegin does not sit well with many Twitter users, and he is also not well-known for his Hflichkeit: However, rather of focusing on the jury's idiosyncrasies, we'd want to draw attention to Jorge's attire: Halb Glitzer-Sacko, halb Netzhemd! Thus, he glistens with Motsi Mabuse during the race, which (absichtlich?) also has an asymmetrical Bling-Bling-Outfit:

"Let's Dance": Victoria Swarovski's advertising pauses

How the Jewellery Dynasty's Erbin spends her minutes behind the camera, she has now revealed in an interview with RTL. Whoever, however, hopes on strange traditions would be disappointed. Victoria is far from ordinary. It's all about convenience, isn't it? "Tatsächlich bin ich zurück und werde noch einmal die Moderation durch die kommenden Kandidaten", verrt die 27-Jhrige. The Austrian woman must, of course, do everything correctly. You tremble in the face of the enormous pressure that bears down on you.

Which calorie bombs will still leave you feeling sluggish?

Swarovski: I adore hamburgers. That is why I am always a little shaky. However, as previously said, I am on track with my goals and have had phases when I was more focused on the H14ften. That is very natural, because without it, there would be no spa.

Victoria Swarovski Kleid Let'S Dance Heute

XXL-Dekollete, seductive Schlitz am Minikleid und aufregende Overknees: Victoria Swarovski sorgte mit ihrem Outfit in einer zweiten Show von "Let's Dance" erneut für einen wahren Hingucker. However, the Moderatorin's youthful appearance does not appeal to many dance fans... How Vici discovers the dream in Lila yet finds it rather practical, she explains in the video.

Victoria wears a light cocktail gown with a wide neckline and a flared skirt. However, the rock of the gown was not as airy as usual, but was completely solid. Sarcastic comments such as âWas für ein schreckliches Kleidâ, âVictoria reminds me of the twirling Mncheâ, and âMit diesem Kleid kannst du auf jeden Fall den Mindestabstand haltenâ hufen sich am Internet. For Victoria, though, this is nothing new, since such Hasskommentare are unfortunately becoming more prevalent. +++Subscribe to our Telegram channel and read our best stories first+++


Throughout the Staffel, the Sngerin (âBeautifulâ, âOne in a Millionâ) masterminded two crises. According to her own account, she surrendered shortly before. Ihr Schwiegervater perished in a traffic accident. Swarovski then paused for a broadcast. During training, she then developed a rip. Despite being heavily medicated, she continued to participate in the show. âI have reached my limits,â she said at the conclusion. Profi-Partner Klann dubbed her âmein Tanz-Baby.

Victoria Swarovski seemed to have finally made it. Already for the third year in a row, Victoria may co-moderate the popular RTL show âLet's Danceâ with Moderator Daniel Hartwich. A further step in Victoria's career planning in order to disassociate herself from her image as a wealthy kritallerbin. Victoria became Sylvie Meis's successor.

Victoria Swarovski Kleider Let'S Dance 2020

Already on Friday, the live broadcast of "Let's Dance" was canceled due to the ongoing Coronation Crisis - and RTL has taken appropriate measures this week. Michael Wendler, on the other hand, does not abandon his Laura M14ller: As a partner, he may continue to ignite her in the show. However, even during training, the Schlagersnger is always there and documents his adolescent friend's progress. However, the 47-year-old has enraged his fans. Because the Wendler asserts in his Instagram story: "I believe that RTL will decide tomorrow to extend the show for at least five weeks." And, according to Laura M14ller's Instagram account, the last live event will take place this Friday.

You also display your bikini figure on the "Traumschiff." What are the three most critical things you do daily? Swarovski: Sport, Recreation, and Education. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who are rank and slender without having anything to do and can still eat anything without consuming anything worthwhile. It's part of my job to stay in shape, as long as I keep an eye on my nutrition and engage in as much physical activity as possible. Prior to shootings and the premiere of a new staffel, "Let's Dance," I'll add another layer, but everything in Maen.

Victoria is perhaps most known in Germany for her appearance on âLet's Danceâ and her spteren Moderationsjob in the format, which she took over from Sylvie Meis in 2018. Apart from her Moderation career at RTL, which she has been pursuing for three years, Victoria remains committed to her dream of being a Popsngerin. She has already released many singles and a film soundtrack. In private, she is happily married to 17-year-old real estate investor Werner M14rz, with whom she has been living since 2010. Victoria Swarovski: So started her career as a moderator.

The moderator traveled to Madrid earlier this week for a photo shoot for her new dirndl collection. There were no indications of a possible infection. As Madrid was elevated to a risk zone over the weekend, Swarovski decided to conduct a voluntary test on Covid-19. Normally, these tests are only conducted in Germany in response to specific suspicions.

Victoria Swarovski Rotes Kleid Let'S Dance 2021

Victoria Swarovski is also a singer. Since 2010, she has released several singles. She performed the title song "There Is a Place for Us" for the German version of the film "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Journey on the Morningrte" (2010). She also had a synchronized role in the new Disney animated picture "Sing 2," which premiered on Sunday and opens in theaters on Tuesday. Thus, wei sie mit ihrer Stimme. Is this sufficient for the ESC? 1&1 Mail & Media/spot on current events

Victoria Swarovski (28) poses in overknees and revealing shorts. Whether on the âLet's Danceâ-B14hne, the red carpet, or Instagram, Victoria Swarovski (28) loves to show off her seductive side. Previously, she posed as a young lady in red without a BH and in a cut-out look, shocking her followers. Additionally, one may see her most recent outfit. Victoria whirls everyone about in her overknees and ultra-curvy Mini-Shorts.

However, the fans are outraged not only because of the clothing choice; even with moderation, the 27-year-olds cannot convince everyone. "Kindly choose another moderator. You just cannot do it ", w14tet ein Benutzer äußerst direkt. Several want to bring Sylvie Meis to heel. Victoria Swarovski's path as their successor was far from easy. However, the Austrian admits that she thrives on challenges and would give "my all" in each show to "continue to improve." We discover: Victoria does an amazing job! "Let's Dance," every Friday at 20.15 p.m. on RTL.

In 2016, Victoria Swarovski wowed the audience with one new dance after another on the set of âLet's Danceâ and ultimately won the competition with her dance partner Erich Klann. Two years later, she returned to the RTL-B14hne as Moderatorin with Daniel Hartwich. In the second episode of the current season, the moderator dresses in a skimpy gown that reveals a lot of nackte skin. However, the most vital locations are naturally covered. Untiefer Ausschnitt, Mini-Kleid mit Beinschlitz, und Overknee-Stiefel scheinen jedoch zu krass für viele Zuschauer.

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