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To be able to purchase Smithing Stones 1&2, you must beat a certain boss. This particular boss is known as the Crystalian. The Crystalian is found in the Crystan Tunnel in Raya Lucaria. Make your way through this place, taking all elevators to the bottom. At the bottom, you'll come upon the boss. The combat with the Crystalian is a little strange at first since it seems as if you are dealing no harm. This is due to the boss's crystal covering. Continue hitting and the coating will ultimately shatter, enabling you to deliver more actual damage. After defeating the monster, you will get a valuable artifact known as the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [1].

Weâre going to cover numerous critical gameplay features in our Elden Ring Smithing Stone Locations and Farming guide. To begin, we'll demonstrate where and how to farm Smithing Stones. Following that, we'll discuss how to really utilize them, which you can't do immediately. Both of these ideas are critical if you want to achieve true success, so let's get started. Locations of Elden Ring Smithing Stones and Farming

How to properly use Smithing Stones Smithing Stones may be used to increase the strength of standard equipment by up to 25%. (For unique equipment please visit Somber Smithing Stones). You'll need to contact a Blacksmith and have the appropriate level of Smithing Stone for your weapon's current level. Where am I able to get Smithing Stones? Smithing Stones may be obtained via exploration; for a comprehensive list, check our Interactive Map and filter by "Upgrade Material." Additionally, you may see a comprehensive list of sites by visiting the individual Smithing Stone pages given in the table below. Elden Ring's Smithing Stones

How to Purchase Smithing Stones Nos. 7 & 8

Smithing Stones are the materials used to enhance Elden Ring. They are employed to improve the performance of weapons and shields. Smithing Stones are classified into nine levels in the game. A Smithing Stone's Tier is denoted by a number inside the brackets before its name. Upgrades to higher tier weapons and shields need a higher tier Smithing Stone.

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