Watashi Ga Names Kiss Him Not Me Characters

" Tentakaku Otome Moe Yuru Aki " (Japanese: é«ä1èç) 20 October 2016 ( ) When the cultural festival begins, the lads agree to each spend thirty minutes alone with Kae, uninhibited by the others. Kae gets overcome by the attention and subsequently becomes a target of other students' harassment. The lads came to rescue her, and as the struggle devolved into violence, Kae pleaded with them to stop, stating that she is unaccustomed to being the center of attention. The lads agree to go cautiously with Kae. 4 "Christmas in the Holy Land" "Christmas in the Holy Land" " Kurisumasu wa Seichi de " (Japanese: a11 è°) 27 October 2016 ( ) The lads accompany Kae to Comiket on Christmas Eve. While on their way to purchase djinshi, Kae is harassed by a photographer but is saved by a butler cosplayer. At school, she learns that the cosplayer is Shima Nishina, a female underclassman. Shima asks everyone to pose as models for her djinshi after being introduced to the males. When Kae provides her own suggestions on positions, Shima seizes the moment and gives Kae her first kiss. (5) "Return to My Authentic Self! What Am I to Do?"

âPrincess and prince should be together. Who made that determination? A prince should be accompanied by a prince!â Serinuma Kae is a chubby second-year high school student and an enthusiastic fujoshi who compulsively ships her male classmates. When her favorite anime character dies, she becomes distraught and spends a week alone in her room. She loses weight as a result of the shock, and when she resurfaces, she has transformed into a thin beauty! Kae is suddenly chased by a slew of male students who want her attention — but she would prefer they kiss each other than her! As more attractive males surround her, her BL fantasies spiral out of control, exposing her suitors to the frenzied world of fujoshi! (Note: âFujoshi,â literally ârotten girl,â is a Japanese word for ladies who adore Boy's Love media (an umbrella term for shounen-ai and yaoi, shortened to BL). These devotees like fantasizing about the romance and closeness of fictitious and/or actual guys.)

Kae Serinuma is a dedicated otaku and a very nice second-year high school student. However, a lesser-known detail about her is that she is infatuated with BL, or Boy's Love. Serinuma is unable to resist fantasizing about her male classmates falling in love and delights in envisioning them together. However, a lesser-known characteristic about Serinuma is that she is considerably overweight. Serinuma observes the death of her most cherished character one day while watching her favorite program. She is very sad and lacks the energy to eat her meals, much alone attend school. She finally heals after a full week. However, there is something strange about her nowâduring the period she refused to leave her room, she lost a significant amount of weight and has transformed herself into someone stunningly gorgeous! Now that she has caught the attention of everyone who sees her, she finds herself at the center of four males she has known her whole life at her school. Though they all want to spend time with her, Serinuma would much rather that they spend their time falling in love with one another. Serinuma's dilemma will be how to cope with the four males who are following her BL-obsessed self.

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