Which Anime Character Are You Based On Your Birth Month

I am not knowledgable about anime. I gathered the facts from a variety of web sites. They seem to be trustworthy based on evaluations and comments, and hence I trust them. If you want to be certain, search for the character's name with the word "birthday." What is included here is for the purpose of easy searching and compilation. If you're a fan of anime, you're going to love these anime-themed Facebook tagging memes.

Shigeo of Mob Psycho 100 has the positive personality attributes that Virgos are known for — and with all he has faced, that is a good thing.

Unfortunately, Mob does not see himself as favorably as that, as he reflects the Virgo inclination to be very critical of oneself. Perfectionist Virgos will be able to identify with Mob's struggle to see his own value (and, perhaps, will have comparable journeys to do so as well).

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