Why Are Arsenal Wearing Red Shorts

Arsenal donned red shorts and socks with their home uniform against Watford this afternoon, despite the absence of a clothing clash. Watford donned a yellow jersey with black shorts and yellow socks, while Arsenal wore their standard home uniform of a red and white shirt, white shorts, and white socks. Indeed, while the usual home uniform combination would have offered the greatest contrast for the shorts, it could not have violated Premier League regulations, which state:It is unknown at the moment why the Gunners chose this alternate design. They last wore red shorts against Napoli in the 19-20 season, at Uefa's request, to prevent both clubs from wearing white on their lower halves. The same thing occurred against West Brom in December 2017, when they wore the look for the first time in 40 years, in a game against QPR. What are your thoughts on Arsenal's new look? Would you wish to see them dressed in this fashion more frequently? Leave a comment below.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Anfield's championship triumph, the yellow and blue away shirt was modeled like the one worn on that historic night on May 26, 1989. For 2009/10, the away uniform is a'midnight blue' style, complete with a polo collar inspired by the 1930s all-conquering side. As with the current home uniform, the inside of the neck has the Club's slogan, 'Victoria Concordia Crescit'. Arsenal Football Club's 125th anniversary home jerseys for the 2011/12 season encapsulate the club's passion and heritage. The new home shirt has an unique crest to commemorate the Club's illustrious roots 125 years ago. Arsenal's away uniform - A brief history

However, another possibility is as plausible and is based on the fact that Storer played in the Football League and Jenkyns was the first Arsenal player to represent his nation when he represented Wales while at the Manor Ground. They may have worn another representative strip when playing at a higher level that was not affiliated with the club. Which is amplified by the fact that Jenkyns is gorgeous in a cap. Whatever the facts about the kit or the reasons for its wearing stripes, it is evident that Royal Arsenal wore blue and white stripes as their change uniform at least once, and December 1892 is the earliest record we have of a change outfit of any other color than red being recorded or published.

When the teams met at the Emirates in September, both wore their first-choice shirts and white shorts, with West Brom wearing navy change socks. However, Simon Shakeshaft, co-author of The Arsenal Shirt, told us that the Premier League required Arsenal to develop alternate shorts to increase differentiation.

Arsenal have never worn red and white jerseys with anything other than white shorts once since 1982-83, although since Puma took over as kit suppliers, red shorts have been available (also info from Shakey). Indeed, the UEFA website shows the Arsenal jersey with red shorts in 2014-15:

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