Why Do Some People Not Believe In Life After Death

God is the Most Just; He will bring justice to all His creations, and no one will be able to evade God. As a result, Islam puts a premium on perfect certainty of the Hereafter. This confidence should be comparable to our certainty of death (which can overcome us at any time). As a result, the goal of life becomes earning God's pleasure.

After Jesus comes to the earth and we are resurrected, the ultimate judgment occurs. We shall experience various âdegrees of gloryâ based on our acts and the aspirations of our hearts, as indicated in Corinthians 15:41â42: âThere is one splendor of the sun, another of the moon, and another of the stars: for each star is unique in its splendour. Likewise, the resurrection of the dead is. € Due to the Savior's complete love and understanding, everyone will still enjoy a better existence than they had on earth, but only those who followed God will be allowed to dwell in His presence directly.

The theory of reincarnation may hold the key to the solution. Perhaps the kid who has been severely abused has before abused their children. He needed to experience the misery in which his children were reared in this world in order to understand how they felt. Reincarnation is the most forgiving system because it provides a mistreated kid with another opportunity, another life in which they may obtain the necessary love, nourishment, and education. Additionally, it provides a chance for the offender to learn from their errors and alter their mindset. Another aspect of birth that contributes to reincarnation is the disparity in physical health. Why is it that one kid is born healthy and robust while another is born with a physical disability? If we only had one life, wouldn't it be unjust if everyone was born with the same health problems? Why are some compelled to live with physical or mental disabilities?

Einstein employed a variety of terms to characterize his religious beliefs, including "agnostic,"[5], "religious nonbeliever,"[3], and "pantheistic"[9] believer in "Spinoza's God."

[2] Einstein considered that the topic of God was the "most complex problem in the universe," one that could not be solved "simply with yes or no." He admitted that "the issue at hand is just beyond large for our finite intellect to comprehend." [10] [edit] Adolescence

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