Wie Alt Ist Reiner Kirsten

Vorstellung Anna is my given name. I am originally from Austria and have been living in Germany for three years. I am fifteen years old and have two sisters: Klara, who is thirteen years old, and Michael, who is eighteen years old. We live with our parents in a house on the outskirts of Munich. My mother is Chinese, and my father works at a bank.

Reiner Kirsten won the Grand Prix de la musique populaire in 1999. 1999 for Germany with We live, we love the seventh spot. In 2001, he debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 with Da was Music in Every Heart. He moderated the ZDF-Sonntagskonzert for the first time on 4 February 2001. Additional broadcasts in the same year were alternating with those of Dresden-born Uta Bresan. He is a frequent guest at popular television and radio broadcasts. In 2003, he was nominated for the Grand Prix de la musique populaire with the song Hrst du?

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