Wie Heißt Nico Santos Freundin

Nico Santos, whose given name is Nico Wellenbrink, owes his success to his ex-girlfriend. At the age of 18, he released the song âEres perfectaâ for the birthday of his damaligen Freundin. The video was so popular that it was seen several hundred thousand times within a short period of time, and Nico, who was still living in his native Mallorca at the time, contributed to his first little success as a musician. Nico Santos, however, has not revealed who the Gl14ckliche is to whom he dedicates this song. His long-standing relationship with Leonie Hagedorn

Nico Santos (* 7. Januar 1993 in Bremen as Nico Wellenbrink) is a German singer-songwriter who has achieved success with songs such as Home (with Topic), Rooftop, and Safe since 2016. As a co-author, he contributed to titles on Bushidos and Shindy's album Cla$$ic, Mark Forster's single We Are Big, and Helene Fischer's single Achterbahn. He was born in Bremen in 1993, the son of Egon and Lisa Wellenbrink. Susanna, his father's first wife, and their daughter Mia-Sophie are also accomplished actresses. Shortly after his birth, his parents relocated to the Spanish island of Mallorca with him. He attended the Es Capdell Grundschule, where he was educated in addition to his native language of German in Spanisch and Katalanisch.

Following the announcement of Leonie's departure, photos emerged in May 2020 of Nico Santos hundchenhaltend with a new woman at his side at the "Free European Song Contest." In the "MDR"-Sendung "Riverboat," the Snger spoke candidly about his new relationship for a brief period: "We've known each other for nine years. She worked at the same club where I worked for over ten years. I acquired my first mbel in Germany as a result of her. When I returned to Köln, she showed me the first apartments and how the city looks. Additionally, it was always quite friendly, and now we were both single for the first time." Who is Nico Santos's new friend? Detailed information on his partner has not been disclosed by the Snger, and he keeps himself hidden on his Instagram account. However, according to "Promiwood," further secrets were revealed during the filming of "The Voice": Seine Freundin soll Aileen sein und Nina Neuer, Manuel Neuer's former wife, soll die beste Freundin sein. As new information becomes available to the public, we will keep you informed!

- - - - - - - - - Nico Santos is the winner of Stefan Raab's first âFree Eurovision Song Contest. And he now seems to be swayed by a predictable wave of success. Not only with âFree ESC,â he captured the hearts of his fans; with âSing my Song,â he had already won over the audience for himself. And, as the âBildâ-Zeitung (Article behind Bezahlschranke) has learned, Nico Santos is also expected to bring a Talisman for the âFree ESCâ. He was seen backstage holding hands with a h1bschen Blondine. Nico Santos is the winner of the âFree ESCâ. Who is the h1bsche woman at his side?

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