Young Frankenstein Gene Wilder Quotes

In the short years between his illness and death, she saw even more heartbreaking incidents. âOne day, when he collapsed on the patio and was unable to rise, I moved him over to the edge of our pool and floated him to the other side, where there were stairs and a railing to help him,â she said. âAnother time, after straining for twenty minutes to pull himself up, he looked out as if addressing the Belasco Theatre crowd, a venue he was familiar with, and exclaimed in his best Gene Wilder voice, âJust a minute, guys. I'll return immediately.ââ

"Unadulterated Imagination," The Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka Wilder is deserving of Gobstoppers for the several quirks that come up during his act as Roald Dahl's colorful candyman. However, we must revisit the film's early musical sequence, a dance around Willy Wonka's candy land that serves as the soundtrack to every child's sugar-laced fantasy (and nightmare, to be perfectly honest). Even if you find the film overly sugary, Wilder's last sequence, in which Wonka congratulates Charlie onboard the Wonkavator, should melt your dark chocolate heart. YouTube/Columbia Pictures

Frederick Frankenstein is an arrogant, self-described "great surgeon" who is adamantly opposed to inheriting his grandfather's criminal heritage. Consider what would happen if your granddad did something insane, such as resurrect a corpse or married a goat, and it was all over the Internet in approximately six seconds. Are you willing to be linked with that individual? Most likely not. Particularly if you believe you are really wonderful in your own way.

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