Young Frankenstein Quotes Frau Blücher

Some viewers thought that the humor (or at the very least the character's name) was inspired on Gebhard Leberecht von Bl14cher, a Prussian commander notorious for his aggressive employment of cavalry. However, screenwriter and actor of Young Frankenstein Gene Wilder claimed that he chose the name âBl14cherâ just because it sounded genuinely German: While writing the first draft, I wondered whether anybody would understand when someone said âFrau Bl14cherâ and the horses neighed. âKeep it in,â Mel [Brooks] replied. To be sure, the preview crowd adored it. Indeed, I picked the name in order to have a genuine German surname. I pulled out some of the volumes of letters to and from Sigmund Freud that I had. I saw that someone called Bl14cher had written to him, and I remarked, "That is the name." Later, I learned from perhaps two or three sources that Bl14cher alludes to a horse being taken to a factory and made into glue. I just thought that was an amusing moniker.

Cloris Leachman portrays Frau Blucher in Mel Brooks' 1974 classic film spoof Young Frankenstein. If you've watched this wonderful film, you're aware that whenever the words "Frau Blucher" are said, the whinnying of horses may be heard. Eventually, an explanation for this running humor emerged, saying that the horses' response was subconsciously motivated by the fact that Frau Blucher's name sounds like the German word for glue, hinting that the horses dread being trapped in a glue factory.

I was referring to the baggage, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein.

Marty Feldman nibbles Madeline Kahn's mink scarf immediately after these words. The sequence took so many takes that it became its own humor due to the performers' inability to stop giggling. Gene Wilder's laughing remained uncontrollable in the final edit, and he is plainly attempting to stifle it throughout the film.

Howdy, handsome. Are you aware that you are a handsome gentleman? People mock you and despise you, but why do they despise you? Due to the fact that... they are envious. Take a look at that childlike face. Consider that endearing grin. Do you want to discuss physical strength? Do you want to discuss pure muscle? Would you want to discuss the Olympian ideal? You are a divine being. And believe me when I say that you are not wicked. You... are... excellent. : This is a gentlemanly young man. This is a fine young man. This is the angel of a mother. And I want the world to know unequivocally and publicly that we adore him. I'm going to teach you something. I'm going to demonstrate how to walk, talk, move, and think. Together, you and I will make the single greatest contribution to science since the discovery of fire. Greetings, Dr. Fronkensteen! Are you well? : FRANKENSTEIN IS MY NAME!

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