Yung Miami Mom And Dad

According to a source, Sean is renowned for dating young, attractive women, and the City Girls' philosophy is to date only guys with money otherwise it's a waste of time. âCaresha is self-sufficient, but she desires someone to âmatch her flyâ and provide her with the lifestyle to which she has become used. As a result, a boss like Diddy is an ideal match.

Damon assists Carly and Josh in evading their parents, but Kendall arouses him, stabs him in the face, and knocks him unconscious once again. The doorbell rings as the parents close in on their children. When Brent opens the door, his mother pepper sprays him and his father stabs him; both are affected by the hysteria. Everyone pursues one another around the house: Josh evades Brent, who tries to hide from his father in the garage; Kendall pursues Carly and slaps her on the head before her mother-in-law knocks her unconscious. Brent begins driving and crashes, killing both of his parents and knocking himself unconscious. Kendall is about to kill Carly when she is knocked unconscious by Damon with a shovel.

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