Honored 2 Wallpaper

Honored 2 Wallpaper

Honored to have been chosen as one of the two official wallpaper designs for the StarCraft II World Championship Series, I give you "Honored." This wallpaper was created in honor of the WCS Season 2 global finals, and pays tribute to all of the amazing players and countries that participated in this amazing season.


Honored, key word of the month. This is what we have for you this month. We have two wallpapers that are perfect to show your patriotism. The first one is called "Blue and Gold" and the second is called "Red, White, and Blue". Both of these are high resolution and customisable so you can make them look just the way you want them to. So whether you're looking for a new background or just want to show your support for your country, these are the perfect choices!

The article introduces the honor system in schools. It discusses some pros and cons to having an honor system in schools.


Background: The Honored 2 Wallpaper was designed by Japanese artist Tadao Ando in 1976. It is a two-dimensional mural made of brightly colored paper that hangs on the wall of the Tokyo National Museum.

The article discusses how the honor system has been implemented in various countries around the world.


The article discusses how the honor system is implemented in schools across the U.S. The different ways that it is implemented are also discussed.

The honor system is a common practice in American schools. It is also implemented in a variety of ways. Some schools have a plaque or award that students can receive if they uphold the honor code. Other schools have an entire class or section that is responsible for upholding the honor code. Each school has its own way of implementing the honor system, and it can be different for each student.


The article discusses some of the consequences of having an honor system in schools.

Schools have long been known for their strict honor codes, which mandate that students uphold the code of conduct and not cheat. Recently, some experts have argued that having an honor system in schools is actually harmful to students’ academic achievement.
Supporters of the system argue that it helps to discipline students and maintain order in the school environment. However, critics say that the code often leads to rampant cheating, as students feel free to dishonor the rules if they think they won’t get caught. In addition, studies have shown that having a code of conduct can actually lead to students feeling ostracized and discouraged from participating in school activities.

Ultimately, it appears that schools should experiment with different honor systems in order to find one that works best for their particular community.

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What is the history of Honored 2 Wallpaper?

What is the wallpaper size?

The wallpaper size is typically 24 inches wide by 36 inches high.

How much does Honored 2 Wallpaper cost?

The Honored 2 wallpaper costs $1.99.

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