Milton And King Wallpaper

Milton And King Wallpaper

Milton and King wallpaper is a popular item for interior designers and home enthusiasts. The wallpaper has been in circulation since the 19th century and features two of the most influential figures in English literature, Milton and King Charles I. Milton's poetry reflects a pessimistic view of human nature while King Charles I's efforts to suppress Protestantism led to his execution.


Milton and King wallpaper are two of the most popular wallpapers in the world. Milton is a pastoral landscape with rolling hills and grazing cows, while King is a vibrant cityscape with towering buildings and busy streets. Both wallpapers are perfect for any room in your home, and they can be used together or separately to create a unique look.

The Influence of Milton and King on Wallpaper Design

The influence of Milton and King on wallpaper design is undeniable. The two poets have been a part of wallpaper history since the 1800s, and their work still echoes through the industry today. While there are countless examples of Milton and King's influence on wallpaper design, here are just a few that showcase their lasting impact.
In 1802, John Milton published "Paradise Lost," an epic poem about the fall of man. The following year, William Hayley designed a series of wallpapers based on Paradise Lost for Lord Byron's residence in Geneva. Hayley's designs featured dramatic landscapes inspired by Milton's descriptions of the damned underworld.

Milton was also responsible for one of the first printed designs to feature floral motifs.


The Milton and King wallpaper is a beautiful addition to any room. It has a retro feel that can be customized to fit your needs. The colors are bright and the design is timeless.

What is the wallpaper company's address?

The wallpaper company's address is not publicly available.

Milton And King Wallpaper

Milton and King Wallpaper is a famous 18th century painting by John Milton. It features the poet John Milton reading from the book of Genesis to King Charles I.

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Milton And King is open from Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 11am-7pm.


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What is the price of Milton And King Wallpaper?

The price of Milton And King Wallpaper ranges from $20 to $240 per roll.

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