Oblong Face Shape Haircuts Female

Oblong Face Shape Haircuts Female

How Can Men Look Their Best With An Oblong Face Shape?

Oblong face shapes usually consist of the following features:

Your face length is the longest while your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all of similar length. In short, the oblong looks a lot like an oval face shape, except it's taller. A high and wide forehead complemented by a noble jawline and even cheekbones is what we expect from an oblong face shape. With elongated but balanced features, the oblong face structure falls somewhere between oval and square shapes. Best Oblong Face Shape Hairstyles

With its tall structure but otherwise balanced features, the key to showcasing an oblong face is controlling the proportions of the hair. While most styles work well, too much length on top or too short on the sides can make the face look longer.

The Most Flattering Hairstyles For The Girl With An Oval Face Shape

Short hairstyles for oval face

If you have short (or super short) hair, these hairstyles are perfect for you, especially if you have an oval face. short bob

Besides trying shampoo for voluminous hair, a messy short bob is the perfect way to add volume to your hair and make it look #InstaWorthy, instantly. wavy bob

This is one of the best hairstyles for oval shaped face and we guarantee it will become your favorite as well. Medium Length Hairstyles for Oval Face

If you have shoulder-length hair and are looking for sexy hairstyles that will go well with an oval-shaped face, keep reading. Long hairstyles for oval face

If you have Rapunzel approved hair and you are looking for hairstyles for oval face with long hair, we got you. More on hairstyles

Now that you know what kind of hairstyle best suits Indian women with oval faces, it's time to read more hairstyle related stories.

Stylish Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shape

The most common problem that every woman faces when getting ready for work, an event or just for casual outings is choosing the perfect hairstyle. It becomes even more difficult as women have to look for hairstyles that suit their face shape, outfit, makeup, etc.

Long loose waves

We all want a little variety in life, and the same goes for hairstyles. Therefore, we want to experiment with different hairstyles, which can only be done when you have long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for all women who love long hair as it gives you the opportunity to try different styles and looks great when left loose, especially on an oblong face shape. Textured blunt

This hairstyle has been in trend for a long time, but especially this year it looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated. If you want to get one of these professional hairstyles for women, this may be the one to try. Wispy Blonde Hairstyles

If you have blonde hair and want a more feminine look, you can very well opt for this hairstyle. Center Parted Long Wavy Hairstyle

Needless to say, a middle or center part makes a face more balanced and helps you achieve symmetry that cannot be achieved by any other style. This hairstyle has been in trend for a long time and has been the perfect choice for all special events, especially for brides on their special day. Added to any braided hairstyle, it can be a great look for special events and occasions.

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Oval Head Shape Hairstyles Female

11 Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape

A pixie is for you if you like short hair because it helps accentuate your face shape and make you stand out. Along with enhancing your features, this hairstyle also helps give you the best of both worlds, providing you with a bold and feminine look. Add volume to the side of your hair and keep the middle part less bulky. A bob that ends just below the chin is the cutest look for an oval shape. This hairstyle does not suit most face shapes, but for oval face shapes, it is the most complementary. Add layers to your bob to make it more charming and attractive. Lob is just an adult version of the bob. Along with a sweet look, the braids also add a more royal look. Remember to keep your braids loose for a sweet look. Honestly, for an oval face shape, anything goes. Since the oval shape is already symmetrical and balanced enough, the middle partition works well and adds more charm. Short and long look great on an oval face shape.

Oval Face Shape Haircuts Female

The Everygirl

If anyone knows what it feels like to have too much of a good thing, it's someone with an oval face shape trying to figure out what haircut will accentuate their features. They've been blessed with a face shape that's even in proportion, so they can pull off virtually any haircut imaginable (round and square-faced women are jealous everywhere.) Well, after a few hairstylists from celebrities have assured me that these girls can't go wrong with any style, they let me know what are the best of the best options to accentuate oval face shape features. Face-Framing Textured Bob

Attention all curly haired girls who love low maintenance: you are about to meet your signature haircut. A face-framing bob is perfect for you because not only does it add "definition to oval faces and keeps them from looking weighed down," according to Andrew Fitzsimons, a celebrity stylist for A-listers, but it looks chic without too much effort. Whether you prefer your hair to be medium length or a bit longer, a tousled texture works great because "the volume in the waves will highlight your cheekbones and draw attention to the center of your face," Fitzsimons explained. Fringe

Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, says any style works well, but "side-swept curtains are great." Plus, full bangs "help draw attention to the center of the face and bring out your cheekbones," Fitzsimons says. Textured lob

"Anything above the collarbone can be detrimental to the face," Rivera says, making a textured lob a great option for accentuating oval face features. Soft and rounded bob

If you're interested in slightly more polished oval haircuts, a complementary and trustworthy choice is a soft, rounded bob.

Rectangle Face Shape Haircuts Female

Best Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

@sofiajamora's square face is softened with loose waves and long layers, achieved with 220g Luxy Blonde Ombre Hair Extensions

Hairstyles to avoid for square faces

Avoid overly thick bangs or blunt hairstyles, as this can accentuate the angles of your face even more.

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Oblong Face Shape Contour - Oval Face Shape Male

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Oval Face Shape Male - Long Hairstyles For Oval Face

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