Really Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Really Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

11 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair (That Yes, You'Ll Actually Be Able To Do)

So if you love your length but don't necessarily want to commit to a daily head full of flawless waves or an elaborate bun that takes your face off but takes 12 tries, let us help you with these easy to do . hairstyle options. They're all simple, they're all chic, and they're all legitimately achievable on long hair...

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair Up

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How to style long hair faster: tips and tricks


0:00 Drying

2:29 curling

Volume 2:52

10 easy hairstyles for long hair


1h08: straightening

2:21: waterfall braid

3:24: sleek low pony

4:02: elegant low bun

4:25: messy high pony

4:59: relaxed curls

5:56: half up and half down loops

6:17: two small French braids

7:29: classic French braids

9:37: crimped mermaid hair

5 natural lazy hairstyles for 4c long hair


0:20:1 Yonce Save Me

1:56: 2 GB-TB of childhood

4:00: #3 Big Hur doesn't care

5:18: #4 Unicorn

7:19:5 Quick bun

How To: Easy Styles With Claw Clips


0:41: Voluminous ponytail

1:56: half twisted up

2h36: the jennifer/the rachel

2h57: chic bun

13 natural curly hairstyles



1:37: #2

2:26: #3

3:34: #4

5:03: #5

6:11: #6

7:18: #7

9:01: #8

9:33 a.m.: #9


13:01: #11

1:31 p.m.: #12

2:25 p.m.: 1 p.m.

Those two are from Corina! Easy Mom Hair: curl your hair with a flat iron

Blog post: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-curling-flat-iron

Train your hair to go longer between washes so you only have to do that curl once every few days! Quick Hair Style for Moms: The Loose Romantic Braid

Blog post: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-the-loose-romantic-braid

Claw clips are very trendy right now! Four 60 second hairstyles


0:47: low bun

1:39: rope braid

2:46: messy bun

4:01: half

The rope braid in 2 minutes

60 Second French Twist

5 natural hairstyles (for medium to long natural hair) (type 4 hair)


0:33: Preparing the hair

1:08: Low Puff with bangs

2:55: Half up and half down with bangs

3:52: Half up and half down

5:43: High bun

7:45: Double-sided flat twist

Easy bun for long hair

10 easy hairstyles for back to school – medium to long hair


2:53: twist halfway up

4:08: twist the ponytail

5:10 a.m.: low bun

5:56: half tails upside down

7:20 am: voluminous ponytail

8:27 am: messy bun

9:27 am: side braid

11:12 am: half messy

11:57: claw gripper

12:47 p.m.: twisted ponytail

6 quick and easy hairstyles for long hair


0:41: French twist halfway up

2:02: loose braid

2:51: elegant low bun

3:45 am: loose bun

4:39: intricate bun

5:59: raised ponytail

Slip-on faux braid step by step

4 ways to do a messy bun


0:08: Messy bun #1

1:00 p.m.: Messy bun #2

2:00: Messy bun #3

2:31: Messy bun #4

3 ways to do a messy bun, part 2! Timestamp:

0:25: Messy bun #1

1:56: Messy bun #2

3:34: Messy bun #3

Six 60-second styles for long hair


3h57: transformed ponytail

4:51: half braided

5:53: double bun

7:06: high bun

8:27 a.m.: single pony

9:41 a.m.: claw half raised

10 easy hairstyles for long hair


0:18: Sleek ponytail

1:02: half up half down

1h34: braided low pony

2:57: faux twin braids

4:15 a.m.: reverse ponytail

4:48: faux upside-down braid

5:42: side ponytail

6:36: voluminous high pony

7:43 am: low bun

8:30 a.m.: twisted half up

The number 8/infinity bun

And There you go!

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Super Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair To Do Yourself

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are so-called referral links, which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click on them and make a purchase. So, to prove my point and show how easy it can be to style your long hair, let me show you 10 quick and easy hairstyles for long hair. The classic 3-strand braid(s)

This is my go-to hairstyle when my curls aren't cool enough to let go, but I still want some volume around my face. The easiest bun for long hair in the world

Alright, now that we've covered all the usual hairstyles for long hair, let's talk about some updos. Related: What is a hair stick and how to use it

How to make the easiest bun for long hair step by step

First, you want to gather all your hair in your left hand as if you were going to do a ponytail. This hairstyle for long hair is quick to do, does not fall apart easily and distributes the weight of the hair well. A bun for long hair without ties, clips and bobby pins

This hairstyle is perfect when you really need your hair fast but you don't have little helpers at hand. It doesn't look as fancy as the previous bun, but it has helped me so many times when I just didn't have a hair clip or hair tie handy. There is a downside to this hairstyle with long hair: it twists the hair a bit, so if you are susceptible to headaches, you might get one. Related: The 'Long Hair Headache': How to Deal With It Quickly

How to do the twisted bun

To start, gather your hair into a ponytail at the height where you want your bun to be later. A more elegant hairstyle for long hair: the twisted musical bun

Once you have mastered the twist bun, this bun will also be very easy for you.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

I'm always upset when I see my sister, who has much longer and thicker hair than me, opting out of many styles for longer hair because she claims they're "too difficult" . With plenty of tutorials for easy hairstyles for long hair, finding the perfect style to suit your needs shouldn't be much of a problem anymore. From natural or textured hair to thick or curly hair, YouTube has opened so many doors for women with long hair to find ways to create unique and stylish hairstyles. Even if the length of your hair comes from extensions, because you haven't decided if permanent long hair is for you, there are many styles you can achieve with your extensions that will give you the look you are looking for. . 1 2-Minute Bubble Bun A step up from your usual updo, YouTube user MakeupWearables Hairstyles' 2-Minute Bubble Bun is perfect for any occasion. 5 Perfect Low Bun If simple elegance is the style you're aiming for this year, Luxy Hair's Perfect Low Bun should be your top pick. 8 10-Minute Jumbo Twists with Kanekalon Hair If your hair isn't long enough to achieve the jumbo twist look, Esther Moore-Helfer's tutorial with kanekalon hair is just what you need.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair To Do At Home

20 Cute And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair To Do At Home

Image: instagram.com, @southcarolinahairextensions, @velvet_brush, @joy.makeup_artist (modified by author)

Source: UGC

Many owners of long locks use only a few styles that are easy to achieve and comfortable to wear. Image: instagram.com, @all_to_braids

Source: UGC

Take a nice headband, wrap several strands around it in a relaxed and graceful way, and create several braids of different sizes. Image: instagram.com, @blackhairideas

Source: Instagram

Two braids that start from your ponytail are a perfect braided variation, ideal for those who are tired of wearing a usual single braid. Image: instagram.com, @dwell_blog

Source: UGC

Maiden braids are another option for those who want to try quick and easy hairstyles for long hair. Image: instagram.com, @blackhairideas

Source: Instagram

Between a ponytail and a braid, this look will save you time and bring you comfort whatever you do: sports, studies, work, chores, etc. Image: instagram.com, @celtic_cosmetics

Source: UGC

Add some loose braids starting from the forehead and wrapping around the bun, and you will see how amazing it will look. Image: instagram.com, @growafricanhairlong

Source: UGC

A few twists around the face will turn a simple bun into a beautiful and interesting look that suits a workplace so well. Image: instagram.com, @growafricanhairlong

Source: UGC

A huge soft bun on the top of your head is definitely something you should try if your locks are long enough. Image: instagram.com, @mollyrosehairstylist

Source: UGC

Make several knots and hide the tips under the created bun. Image: instagram.com, @blackhairideas

Source: Instagram

A ponytail will look much cuter and much more elegant if you slightly curl the ends and add some volume to them. Image: instagram.com, @hairstylingbyclaire

Source: UGC

Curls aren't the only spice you can add to a regular ponytail. Image: instagram.com, @daniellenewnshair

Source: UGC

A low ponytail becomes unusual and gorgeous if you add twist! Image: instagram.com, @fringedivine

Source: UGC

Just a cascade of smooth locks and several intertwined locks secured with bobby pins near the head. Image: instagram.com, @bykatiemorton

Source: UGC

Floral accessories are often used in romantic hairstyles for long hair. Image: instagram.com, @powerofastylist

Source: UGC

Take a shiny scarf, wrap it around your head (secure it with pins) and braid it with your hair. Image: instagram.com, @velvet_brush

Source: UGC

Wrap a shiny scarf around your bun – and it will get a whole new look. Image: instagram.com, @velvet_brush

Source: UGC

Tie a shiny scarf around your head and create a ponytail, so that the scarf is hidden under the hair. Image: instagram.com, @velvet_brush

Source: UGC

Wrap a scarf around your head while wearing a plain bun - and the style will become very feminine, elegant and somewhat daring.

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