Top Hair Stylist 2022

Top Hair Stylist 2022

24 Best Hair Trends 2022 According To Hairstylists

I mean, sure, you might be the same, but sometimes a few little changes, like a new summer nail design, a fun makeup trend, or, uh, a whole new hairstyle (shag haircut modern, anyone? And to help you make your v-important hairstyle choice, I've connected with many celebrity hairstylists to find all of the hottest hair trends of 2022. 'type of the world,' says the celebrity hairstylist and curl expert Nai'vasha Grace (which, yes, that's exactly my life.) So, for 2022, she predicts simple hairstyle trends that can easily become a complete look, like dressy ponytails and bangs. "It's like red lip, but for your hair."

New York colorist Felicia Dosso also adds that when it comes to hair colors this year, 2022 brings lots of red (like copper and strawberry) and blonde (think: bright platinum).

The trade magazine TOP HAIR International honored the owner Mario Lupo and his team on Saturday in the business competition “TOP Salon – The Challenge” in the “Design” category. Martin Rütter promotes desperate Maddox +++

Above all, the jury was impressed by the exceptional appearance and functionality in connection with the high quality of services and actions: "The exterior of the fair is a signal, and the first message is: inviting exclusivity. With a wide range of excellent services, this translates into a pleasing scene for exquisite craftsmanship, fashion and lifestyle far above the norm,” said Rebecca Kandler, Editor-in-Chief and Director of TOP HAIR publication and member of the TOP Salon jury 2022, in his laudatory speech. These reflect the current criteria for success in the industry:

Employer Awards: These are fairs that promote and train talent

: It is aimed at fairs that promote and train talent Best Practice Award: Tradition and lasting success go hand in hand in this category

: Tradition and lasting success go hand in hand in this Digital Business Award category: Competitive advantages thanks to modern digital measures internally and externally

: Competitive advantages through modern digital measurements internally and externally Design Award: The award for avant-garde interior design

: The award for avant-garde interior design Marketing Award: marketing excellence is rewarded

More articles in this category can be found here: Kreis Olpe

Rsvp'S Hair Awards 2022: Top Salons And Hair Stylists

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Best Ulster Lounge

Patrick Gildea Hairdressing & Aesthetics

Why we love this show: It: Led by visionary and industry icon Patrick Gildea, this team is brimming with passion, creativity and their commitment to improving the customer experience is remarkable. (Image: RSVP's Hair Awards 2022: Best Salons and Hairstylists)

Industry Leaders: This incredible show was chosen as an international flagship show, one of the top four shows in the world to represent such expertise in care. W: www.patrickgildea.ie

Best Munster Salon

Marbles Hair & Beauty – Hugh Campbell Hair Group

Why we love it: In a nutshell, it's an urban hotspot, where creativity reigns supreme. Crowning glory: Home to the best in the industry and boasting an impressive awards portfolio, this show truly defines what it means to be forward-thinking. hughcampbellhairgroup.com

Best Connaught Lounge

Belle Hair, Galway

Why We Love It: Open since 2015, Belle Hair provides all extension services, from application to maintenance, removals and everything in between. (Image: RSVP's Hair Awards 2022: Best Salons and Hairstylists)

Crowning glory: Their coloring services are second to none and whether you fancy a balayage refresh, highlights or a full hair transformation, the team here has you covered. W: www.bellehair.ie

Best Celebrity Stylist

Andrew Fitzsimons

Why we love him: As a stylist to the stars, with clients including the Kardashian sisters, Megan Fox and Bella Hadid, Dubliner Andrew Fitzsimons really knows his stuff when it comes to hairstyling. (Image: RSVP's Hair Awards 2022: Best Salons and Hairstylists)

Crowning glory: Andrew recently launched his own eponymous hair line, and the packaging is as fabulous as expected. W: www.andrewfitzsimons.com

Best Ulster Stylist

Patrick Gildea

Why We Love Him: Patrick's hairdressing skills, knowledge and experience have grown over the past 34 years. (Image: RSVP's Hair Awards 2022: Best Salons and Hairstylists)

Great Hair: Patrick's vision, creativity and raw talent is why he was awarded the Irish Hairdressing Federation Icon and why he runs a multi-award winning salon. W: www.patrickgildea.ie

Best Stylist Munster

Pamela Morrisey, Sobe Brown

Why we love her: One of the biggest names in Irish hairdressing, Pamela Morrissey really cares about her clients and you always leave her salon feeling beautiful. (Photo: Pamela Morrisey, Sobe Brown)

Crowning glory: From the moment you step into the spacious and modern saloon, you will understand why it is renowned for its quality, style and luxury. W: www.sobebrown.com

Top Connaught Stylist

Barry's Hair & Beauty Studio, Galway

Why We Love It: If you're looking to relax and rejuvenate, look no further than this award-winning, newly renovated lounge. (Image: RSVP's Hair Awards 2022: Best Salons and Hairstylists)

Crowning glory: The stylists here offer a full range of state-of-the-art salon services and their meticulous attention to detail always exceeds clients' high expectations.

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Top Hair Salon 2022

Our Restart Was So Beautiful: Beauty And Tophair Were A Complete Success

After a long break, Messe Düsseldorf started again last week at #MesseMonatMai with its first events in 2022 - with the most important platforms for beauty and hairdressing supplies, BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF and TOP HAIR - DIE MESSE. For professional visitors, there was only the best in the industry at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF - including a good atmosphere and a good spirit for the successful restart. The highlights of the BEAUTY 2022 show

From the latest nail innovation to the nail contest: The "Nailympia" celebrated the first BEAUTY, because for the first time the nail contest took place on our premises, in which nearly 50 participants from 13 countries. In front of a prominent audience consisting of Madgalena Brzeska, Eva Lutz, Franziska Knuppe, Maria Höfl-Riesch, Chris Waschek, Scarlett Gartmann, Paul Henry Duval, Mariella Ahrens, Sandro Rath, Regina Halmich, Tina Ruland and Caroline Beil, moderator Annabelle Mandeng and Laudator Christine Neubauer expressed the endurance and fighting spirit of the owner of a cosmetics institute from Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, who lost her entire salon in the flood and still hasn't given up. There was also an award ceremony for promising young talents in the European Make-up Award New Talent 2022 competition: Bianca Beh from Günzburg applied the first make-up on the subject of “The Shining Bride – Time to get married ”, Anna Schnabel from Zwickau came second and Perwin Bakir from Bonn took third place. But she also uses BEAUTY for professional exchange, because #finallyagain just means "#finally being among people again".

But the specialized program has also impressed its audience with numerous performances. TOP HAIR was a "[..] respectable new start - a signal to the industry for a new start with strength, confidence and self-confidence", said Christian Schikora, Managing Director of TOP HAIR International GmbH.

Best Hair Styling Tools 2022

The Future Of Hair Is Here: 7 Best New Hair Tools And Technology To Have On Your Radar

It's what keeps us wide-eyed with each new iteration of the iPhone, transfixed when an electric car drives past, or stuck in an NFT information hole trying to figure out if the Emperor's new clothes are, in effect, on or off. From bond-strengthening ingredients that help repair damage and restore hair strength, to glosses, glazes and semi-permanent hair color, there are myriad ways scientific innovation benefits our lives.

Best Hair Stylist 2022

Best Colorist Ini Spahiu, Salon Mario Russo Spending time in Ini Spahiu's chair is like catching up with an old friend — even if he knows a set of leaves well.

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Best Curling Iron - Hairdressing competition 2022

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Hairdresser Tools List - Best Hair Waver

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