Women'S Haircut Styles Indian

Women'S Haircut Styles Indian


In 2023, we're predicting a return to retro haircuts like shags, curtain bangs, and even mullets (as seen on Miley Cyrus and Zendaya). But if that's a bit too drastic for you, there's always the option of achieving a classic style that's very low maintenance and will grow seamlessly (i.e. long layers blended in with the Jennifer Aniston). No matter your hair type or style preference, here are what we think are the 58 best haircuts for women to consider in 2023.

The Most Flattering Hairstyles For The Girl With An Oval Face Shape

Short hairstyles for oval face

If you have short (or super short) hair, these hairstyles are perfect for you, especially if you have an oval face. short bob

Besides trying shampoo for voluminous hair, a messy short bob is the perfect way to add volume to your hair and make it look #InstaWorthy, instantly. wavy bob

This is one of the best hairstyles for oval shaped face and we guarantee it will become your favorite as well. Medium Length Hairstyles for Oval Face

If you have shoulder-length hair and are looking for sexy hairstyles that will go well with an oval-shaped face, keep reading. Long hairstyles for oval face

If you have Rapunzel approved hair and you are looking for hairstyles for oval face with long hair, we got you. More on hairstyles

Now that you know what kind of hairstyle best suits Indian women with oval faces, it's time to read more hairstyle related stories.

Indian Women Open Up About Pressure To Keep Hair Long And Straight

She suggested I do it several times to get rid of the "shabby look".

Jariwala has strong feelings about his community's expectations of women, considered attractive only if they are "tall, blond, thin and have long hair, even if the man has none on his head". She is happy for a dear friend who was so fed up that she "cut her hair short to avoid marriage proposals". I think this bias is deeply rooted in the idea that long hair hides "less attractive" features, like chubby cheeks and an undefined jawline.

When it comes to her own profession, she plays it safe. "Women with crazy hair colors are [believers] asking for it, just like they ask for when they're wearing short skirts or tops with deep necklines," she told HuffPost. Although I identify as bisexual, most people saw my short hair and called me names like “butch” or “tomboy”. They assumed that my sexuality and my hair were somehow related.

Iyer doesn't care. People also have a tendency to slander a woman's character, and although very subtle, I've personally come across people thinking I'm "very open", "forward thinking". They took the liberty of flirting even when I was clearly not interested.

Iyer thinks workplaces don't include hair. Very deliberately, I chose to wear these hairstyles because they expand the idea of ​​what it means to be feminine.


Keditsu would like young women to "see hair as a means and not as an end, not as an extension of oneself or one's sense of worth, but as a tool to express one's politics or one's worth".

Niharika Chugh Vali, Nagpur, Maharashtra (Central India)

Courtesy of Niharika Chugh Vali

Company owner Chugh Vali runs a children's play area that encourages experiential learning. "Like all people with curly hair, I've been advised by stylists and supporters to 'do something', get straightened or straightened or keratin treated, as if the sight of my natural hair might hurt someone. .eyes,” she says.It also finally leads into a conversation about curly hair and how caring for it is so different from the default straight hair regimen we all blindly follow. , she loves that animated children's heroines like Merida ("Brave") and Moana have curly hair." It's the typical conception of girls who are pretty - cascading hair, dark hair like clouds, complexion like Lakshmi, well-behaved," Basu told HuffPost. He looks free and happy.

Naina Redhu, Gurgaon, Haryana (North India)

"I don't do salons," said Redhu, a photographer and visual artist who enjoys cutting her own hair.

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